Exposition Street

A Prismatic FilmCast


If you’re familiar with our network at all, you already know us a the geeks and gamers we are. Prismatic Tsunami is first and foremost a community dedicated to the love of tabletop gaming. Exposition Street is our first foray (of many) into our related hobbies and interests. In this case – MOVIES!

Join us each week for a look at one of the motion picture industry’s shining gems. We cover films from the 70s all the way to today, with a focus on geek fare. Expect our hosts to offer a range of reactions and critiques with every installment. 

If you’re new to our community, we invite you to investigate all we have to offer.


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Erik Carl


A consummate storyteller, Erik founded the Prismatic Tsunami community out of a love of social gaming and, in particular, tabletop roleplaying games. With more than 30 years behind the screen, Erik has spent his life examining the art of storytelling as presented in books, movies, and gaming experiences, relating much of it to the human condition. His love of fantasy and science-fiction has spanned both the written word and the silver screen for as long as he can remember, and there’s little he enjoys more than talking movies with his friends. 

Erik is an accomplished writer, musician, and game designer. He is the director of TsunamiCon, Wichita’s premiere tabletop gaming convention, and host of the popular Metagamers Anonymous RPG podcast. He holds a degree in Psychology and lives in Wichita, Kansas, with his wife and two children.

The Cast

For Love of Stories on Film


Exposition Street is presented by a team of some of Prismatic Tsunami’s most ardent motion picture fans, offering a practiced eye and rollicking good time to their characteristic treatment of some of geekdom’s favorite selections. These are placeholders – not pictures of the cast. Just sayin’.